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    Students at Miles MacDonell Collegiate Build Paradise – Tear up the Parking lot

    In an effort to add greenspace and reduce the impacts of extreme weather due to our changing climate, students have…+

    Students at Miles Macdonell Collegiate build paradise by tearing up the parking lot

    Yes, folk singer, Joni Mitchell would likely be pleased to know that the reverse of her iconic song, Big Yellow…+

    Students at Miles Macdonell Collegiate build paradise by tearing up the parking lot

    Students are tearing up the parking lot at Miles Macdonald Collegiate and transforming a 62m2 section into greenspace, part of…+

    Doctors’ group calls for ban on fossil fuel ads in open letter

    June 8 – Globe and Mail – The federal government should ban the advertising of fossil fuels, including gasoline-powered vehicles…+

    How to Push Wall Street to Ditch Fossil Fuels for Clean Energy

    Jun 2, 2022 – BNN Bloomberg — The invasion of Ukraine has put the US and Europe on a wartime…+

    Climate agreement between Canada, India discusses renewable energy but omits coal

    June 2 – Winnipeg Free Press OTTAWA – Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says a new agreement signed Thursday to co-operate…+

    Provinces Show Mixed Results in Shift to Net-Zero

    May 31, 2022 – The Energy Mix While British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec all have clear momentum in their…+

    Is Manitoba’s wild weather a sign of climate change?

    May 14, 2022 – CBC – While variability is the norm for the Prairies, climate change could make swings more…+

    Regenerative agriculture can combat climate change and keep food on our plates. Here’s how it works

    Apr 4, 2022 – National Observer Regenerative agriculture is an approach to agriculture that promises to sequester carbon and boost…+

    Battery Energy Storage Systems

    On this page, we’ll discuss Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), one of the 5 action areas identified in the Road…+

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